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Under the Car




At D.L.M. Autos a full service is not just about changing oil, filters and spark plugs. It’s about preventative maintenance. Your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected and potential future problems advised upon. We will never pester or try to sell extra work or carry out unauthorised extra work. Tyres, brakes, steering and suspension, auxiliary belts, lights, wipers and washers are all checked. If a timing belt change is due you will be advised. Adjustments where needed will be made, lubrication where needed carried out, tyre pressures reset, fluid levels topped up and service records updated. We do not offer cut price, cut corners servicing or fit inferior parts, but we do offer value for money quality maintenance carried out by time served technicians using quality parts.

If you don’t do lots of miles your car may not be due a full service every year. In which case we also offer an interim service. Your vehicle will still get a full safety check and an engine oil and filter change, adjustments made where needed, fluid levels topped up and the service record updated.

If you just want your engine oil and filter replaced that will again be done properly using the correct grade oil, a quality filter and a new drain bung or seal.

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